Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clothes should I wear?
Casual, fun wear because it’s clean, (no dirt or mud) non labor intensive family fun of all ages. 
Would I need sunscreen if I have a fair complexion?
We do have areas under the roof and in the sun. If you prefer to be in a sunny area or if under the roof is full, you may want to bring sunscreen. 
What will it cost me to gem mine?
We don’t have an entry or permit fee so it depends on how many is in your party and if you get bags for kids ($10.00 each) or what size buckets you get. They range from $20.00 to $100.00.  
Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?
Yes!!! We do accept all major credit cards and cash at our location. We accept PayPal online. 
Do you have refreshments or food available?
We do have refreshments for sale, no food right now so you may want to bring a bag lunch if you plan on spending the day with us. Also, there is a restaurant one mile from us. 
I'm an out of town visitor, where can I stay?
In Smithville, one mile from us is a bed and breakfast, restaurant, store, etc.. In Harrisville and Noth Bend State Park, lodging, food and etc. are approximately 15 miles away. In Pennsboro, the Legacy Inn, restaurants, etc., off of Rt. 50 approximately 25 miles away. 
How long does gem mining take?
It really depends on the size of your party and whether you get bags for the kids and/or buckets. Some people are here for several hours, some all day and some come right back the next day. It is entirely up to you! 
Do you have a heated area for gem mining when it is cold or raining?
Yes!!! We do have a heated gem mining area for cold weather and when it’s raining. 
What do I do with the stones I find?
We will sort them out for you to let you know the best cuts for your stones. We do the cutting and take orders on the stones then can set into the mounts of your choice. Also, you can take them home just as they are OR you can send back a stone or stones to have the them mounted at a later date. 
How long does it take to get my stones cut?
We try to have them to you in 2 to 4 weeks but it really depends on how many orders we have to fill at the time so it could be sooner or little later.